Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Company's plan is as follows :-

When the member wishes to join ENXPAY then he should make a trading account with ENXPAY for the purpose of initial investment. When the person opens trading account he will be getting a unique account with the company which is needed for his transactions.

Like this if the person invests he will be getting some benefits in business value and they are:

Joining amount                Business Value

50 USD                            30 BV

100 USD                          60 BV
150 USD                          90 BV

200 USD                         120 BV

400 USD                         240 BV
Spot Income on Trading Account :

Here any member who makes the new joining with his reference ID then he will be getting 5% as spot income on new members Trading account.

Ex: 50$ TA will give 5% to sponsor. 100$ TA will give 5% to sponsor

Binary Income on Trading Plan:

Note that Binary Income is totally different from spot Income. Here the member will get Daily BV income only if he or his team makes some joining under him and he is able to match the slab. The amount of income will be calculated under following circumstances:

Left Side Binary BV                 Right Side Binary BV                Binary income under trading a/c

120 BV                                      120 BV                                         20 USD

240 BV                                      240 BV                                         40 USD

480 BV                                      480 BV                                         80 USD

960 BV                                      960 BV                                        160 USD

1800 BV                                   1800 BV                                       300 USD

Daily Ceiling limit : Left=1800 BV, Right=1800 BV, Binary Income=300USD

Here the binary income is calculated on the basis of total new member’s business value under the already existed member and position as right and left. Suppose for example if the total new member’s right side business value is 230 and left side is also 230 then the income will be calculated for 120:120 level as 20 USD (Previous Slab) and the balance amount in any of the power leg will be carry forwarded and the other side balance is flushed out.

Referral name or reference is the introducer person who suggest new member to join at any time and at any position, if the new members position is under the referral names position then the referral named person will get not only normal income but also the binary income, else if new member doesn’t joined under referred person then the referred person will get only reference income and the person under whom the new member joins will be called sponsor name and he will be getting the sponsor income. Sponsor name is the person under who the new member is going to join, here new member can’t join directly without any sponsor name.
Binary Income on Investment Plan:

Here the binary income is calculated on the basis of total new member’s business value on additional investment under already existed member and position as right and left. Here the only changes is no carry forward and no flush outs (i.e. if the member does 2900 BV in left and 2900 BV in right then it will be calculated on left=1000 BV and right=1000 BV(previous slab) and no a carry forwards and the balance will be flushed out.

The amount of income will be calculated under following circumstances:

Left Side Investment Binary     Right Side Investment Binary      Binary Income under Investment Plan

1000 USD                                         1000 USD                                 100 USD (10 %)

3000 USD                                          3000 USD                                300 USD (10 %)

10000 USD                                       10000 USD                               1000 USD (10 %)

15000 USD                                       15000 USD                              1500 USD (10 %)

30000 USD                                       30000 USD                              3000 USD (10 %)

The member who invests will get assured returns for some periods as:

Investment Amount               Returns Percentage        Returns Period

100 USD to 500 USD             16 %                                 Up to 10 months

501 USD to 1000 USD            17 %                               Up to 10 months

1001 USD to 3000 USD          18 %                               Up to 10 months

3001 USD to 5000 USD          19 %                               Up to 10 months

5001 USD to 10000 USD         20 %                              Up to 10 months


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